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knowledge to change the world
Mr. Nitin Bhatnager

a letter from our director

Our society Mukund Swaroop Shiksha Samiti was founded in 1940 and Swami Dayal Bhatnagar Shiksha Samiti was established in 1903. In this society M.S. Inter college ( est. 1886), J.S. Degree college (est. 1959 – this college operated subjects like B.A., B.Com., BCA, BBA, B.Ed., M.A., B.Sc., M.Com., etc) . 

Besides Swami Dayal Girls Inter College and Swami Dayal Bhatnagar Law College, established Kamlesh Bhatnagar Public Library for the city’s people. Establishment of VIRENDRA SWAROOP BHATNAGAR MODERN ACADEMY is to provide education to the people on a reasonable fees from the CBSE curriculum. 

The city has always been served by our society and the only objective has been to develop a meticulous development of the children of the city and the children of our city should have special contribution in the development of the country, as has been done by the students of the previous batches of colleges in the past as well. The biggest upcoming plan of our CBSE college is that we should provide education to children according to their skills in the same area and away from education like business, this should be provided as education service. 

The biggest advantage of taking admission in this school is that the child can go to higher education(whichever way he is interested) by taking admission from nursery. Because our society provide all kinds of education. With a wish of a bright future for your child…..